November 21, 2015

The Benefits of Wireless Security

Most people are familiar with the larger home security installations that advertise on cable like ADT. These home security systems are great if you’re wiring your entire home with complex systems and networking. But if you just want to pull a device out of the box, arm it with the push of a single button, and rest easy knowing that you’re just as well protected, you’ll want to go with a wireless portable security option like the Tattletale consumer unit.

The larger networks can cause all sorts of headaches with false alarms and phone calls form the source. But a small, simple device that blankets your home in a protective alarm signal will be less invasive and easier to manage. You won’t have to worry about faulty wiring or tripped signals. The best part about wireless alarms, of course, is that it’s portable and you can take the device anywhere to protect any space you need. Leave one in the RV when you’re hiking and if a thief breaks in while you’re gone, the Tattletale will alert you immediately as well as anyone else you tell it to ping.

This kind of instantaneous response system has saved thousands of people from losing their possessions to thieves and burglars and all without a single wall outlet involved. Wireless security makes it easy to ensure you’re fully protected from morning until night with the best in high performance cell burst technology that responds as fast as you need it to. Don’t put your trust in complex wired systems that will only let you down. Go wireless and carry the Tattletale halo of protection with you anywhere you go.




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