Dont Forget to Arm Your Home on Vacation

Don’t Forget to Arm Your Home on Vacation

Going on vacation is a lot of fun for you and your whole family. Every year people go to beaches, amusement parks, cabins in the mountains, even nearby cities to visit relatives. But the whole vacation can be ruined if you’re worried about the home and belongings you’re leaving behind. Never leave your home or vehicles unprotected. With the home security options provided by tattletale alarms, you and your loved ones can rest easy on the beach or at Aunt Edna’s, knowing that your home and property back in the neighborhood is protected by the wireless monitoring system provided by tattletale.

When it comes time to leave for a trip, simply place the portable alarm device in the center of your home or wherever is most convenient and arm it with a single button. The invisible security signal will bathe your entire property in a sensory field that monitors movement. When you’re gone, if anyone or anything enters the armed zone, the tattletale will instantaneously alert you via text or email that something is wrong. You can then take appropriate action, even from halfway around the world, such as contacting the police and your neighbors.

Families all over the United States trust the cell burst technology of the tattletale portable home security unit to arm their houses and apartments while they’re at work, school, or across the country. With a quality American-made product like the tattletale, you don’t have to sweat bullets wondering if your property is protected while you’re away. You can enjoy all the family fun moments that vacations offer—from photos by the big pines to tea cup rides at Disney.

Trust the tattletale Portable Alarm System for its simplicity and reliability while you and your family are away. Stay safe. Stay informed. Stay protected. Get a tattletale.