Home Security Tips

The world can be a dangerous and uncertain place.  If you’re like most people, you value the security and safety of your family while in the home and outside.  The ability to sleep soundly knowing your surroundings are protected from unwanted intrusion or danger is one of the reasons we keep making the highest quality portable security systems for the home and the job site.  In addition to a solid home security system, there are some fundamental home security tips to keep in mind to ensure your residence is protected on all levels.

Make it Obvious

It’s important that any would-be thieves know that you have a robbery deterrent system in place.  With most security systems, the alarm starts blaring after an intruder has already made it into the home, or tried.  Place a sticker or some sort of telltale signage around your property that alerts thieves to the presence of an alarm.  If they think they’ll trigger something, many thieves will skip to the next house.


Don’t be Predictable

Most robberies take place in broad daylight, which means a thief knows you’re at work or away.  It’s important that you don’t always broadcast your family vacations and general whereabouts all over the social networks because any eavesdropping thieves might mark their calendar as an easy entry into your home while you’re away.  Don’t broadcast when your house is empty.


Avoid the Doormat

Seriously, everyone knows to check under the doormat for a key.  Or above the door frame.  Or in those fake rocks in the garden.  If you’re going to hide a key, find an original place that isn’t right next to the door.  Have your friends try to guess where it is and if they can guess, it’s not that secure.  Don’t be cliché that makes it easy for intruders.


Let there be Light

Total darkness is the perfect cover for burglary.  Keeping your home well-lit at night is an excellent deterrent to night thieves.  Find a solar-powered night light to keep the shadows of your property illuminated so there’s no place to hide or sneak up on you.

These simple reminders may serve to keep you from being a target of theft or home invasion.  Finally, keep a tattletale portable home security alarm in your home so that you get a text or email as soon as the alarm is triggered.  No matter where you are, know what’s happening at your home.