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  • Glass Break Detector HOME™

    The Glass Break Detector will monitor for the sound of breaking glass. With two test LEDs, dual shatter recognition technology it has 15 feet of range and a 360° sensing angle. It is tamper protected, fully supervised and comes with two 3V lithium batteries.

  • CO Detector HOME™

    The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a 3V battery powered wireless detector intended for use with the tattletale base unit. The detector consists of an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor assembly coupled to a wireless transmitter. The Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm communicates with the tattletale and can send alarm, tamper and battery condition messages to the system’s receiver.

  • Door/Window Contact HOME™

    This wireless indoor sensor will protect any door or window opening. DIY installation is easy and instant with included damage free 3M dual lock adhesive. You can easily add Door/Window Sensors to your tattletale security system at any time. With optional Chime Mode you be notified of door/windows opening and closing while the system is disarmed by a pleasant chime sound. The Home Door/Window Sensor can protect any door or window up to 500’ from the base tattletale unit!

  • Flood / Freeze Detector HOME™

    Simply place the Flood/Freeze sensor in high risk areas, like under sinks, toilets or near the hot water tank. Within 2 seconds of detecting water, the unit will transmit an alarm notifying the homeowner of a possible flood before it turns into an expensive repair. With the additional freeze detection feature, it’s the perfect combo for preventing and detecting damaged water pipes.

  • Garage Tilt Sensor HOME™

    Garage Door Tilt sensor simply mounts on the top of any garage door. With no magnets to align, this is the fastest and most reliable way to protect overhead garage doors. The tilt sensor will activate when the device is approximately at a 45 degree angle. By moving the actual ball sensor up or down you can adjust this angle by a few degrees. Note that this device has a delay of approximately 1 second to eliminate false alarms cause by wind and vibration commonly subjected to a large garage door.

  • Gun Lock Motion Sensor HOME™

    Built into a 3-digit combination trigger lock, the Gun Motion Detector adds an important safety tool for gun owners by providing a timely notification to the control panel when a gun is moved.

  • Impact Sensor HOME™

    Unlike traditional glass break technology, this sensor detects the moment of first impact, alerting the homeowner and Central Station before the intruder gets inside.

    The shock sensor sensitivity can be adjusted to set how much force is required at impact to trigger the alarm. To increase the sensitivity, turn the white potentiometer clockwise, to decrease the sensitivity adjust counter clockwise.

  • Indoor Motion Detector HOME™

    Protect yourself and your belongings with this motion detector alarm, perfect for homes!

    The tattletale Home Motion Detector is an effective deterrent to any criminals who might be trying to break in. Boasting an impressive 30-foot detection range, you can rest easy. Always designed to monitor your home with precision and accuracy.

    With Many Features To Make You Safe

    One of the standout features of the Home Motion Detector is its pet immunity capability. This allows your beloved pets to move freely throughout your home without triggering false alarms. This pet-friendly feature ensures that your pet’s freedom is never compromised, while also giving you peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

    Additionally, the tattletale Home Motion Detector offers a sensor bypass feature, allowing you to temporarily disable the sensor when needed, making it a versatile and practical option for any home. Overall, the tattletale Home Motion Detector is an advanced and reliable security solution for homeowners, with superb detection capabilities and a range of useful features.

  • Key Fob Remote HOME™

    Additional key fobs allow up to 25 different users to remote arm and disarm the tattletale security system from over 500 feet away. Additional key fobs can easily be paired with a new or existing tattletale security system at any time. All key fobs are equipped with a panic button feature. tattletale products are made in the USA.

  • Outdoor Gate & Door Contact HOME™

    The Outdoor Gate/Door/Window Sensor water resistant outdoor sensor is perfect for gate, outbuilding door detection, or securing outside mechanical equipment like A/C units. The sensor offers a 3″ magnet gap or an external input to allow for the use of an external hardwire switch. The high power and large antenna provide the additional wireless range required for most outdoor applications.

  • Outdoor Motion Detector HOME™

    The outdoor dual-beam PIR passive infrared motion detector is sensitive to moving heat and instantly creates a 15′ invisible fence. Dual-Beam detection prevents false alarms from animals or other outdoor elements. Designed for outdoor use, the tattletale Portable Security System Outdoor Motion Detector is tamper proof and weather resistant.

  • Panic Button HOME™

    The Panic Button Remote is a compact, battery powered, wireless panic button that transmits an Emergency signal from any location within radio frequency (RF) range of the control panel. The signal can be transmitted to the control panel, whether the security system is armed or disarmed.

  • Signal Booster HOME™

    Extend the range of wireless accessories from the tattletale base unit an additional 500 feet per booster! Plug into any standard outlet to easily sync with sensors. Comes with an 8 hour battery backup.

  • Smoke / Heat / Freeze Detector HOME™

    The Smoke Heat Freeze Detectors are designed to recognize smoke from common synthetic materials and decrease nuisance alarms from everyday cooking. Using advanced detection algorithms and a sophisticated photoelectric optical sensor, these two detectors meet the new UL standards.

    Traditional smoke detectors trigger an alarm when any smoke density reached a specific level, which could have just been normal cooking events. This Smoke Heat & Freeze Detector uses advanced algorithms and a sophisticated optical chamber to improve the detection of smoke particles created by some synthetic materials, separate from organic smoke associated with normal cooking events.

  • The Loop HOME™

    Loop it or lose it. The Loop is an electronic bike lock that you can use to tie up important tools or equipment (such as motorcycles, generators, ladders, etc.) If the Loop is cut or disconnected while the tattletale security system is armed, an instant alarm signal will be transmitted. Loop it or lose it, The Loop can instantly protect anything within 500 feet of the tattletale security system. The Loop is both tamper and weather proof making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use! The Loop can be set to be armed even when your system isn’t.

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