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  • The Rattler PRO™

    The Rattler is sensitive to 6˚ of movement or rotation. Place the Rattler on top of any item to detect movement, or use its attached magnets for any usage on metal. The Rattler is completely tamper proof. If The Rattler is tampered with while armed it will send out a signal every time. Setting up The Rattler is easy and instant, and can be paired with your tattletale base unit at any time. The Rattler is extremely durable and weather resistant perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Borderguard PRO™

    Think of the tattletale Border Guard as an invisible 80 foot perimeter of protection. It is a PIR (passive infrared motion detector) that detects heat energy 40 feet from each side. Dual Beam Motion Detecting Technology ensures that there will be no false alarms! The Border Guard Sensor can be placed up to 3000 ft from the tattletale base unit, and it’s durable tamper proof design makes it perfect for use outdoors!

  • The Loop PRO™

    An electronic bike lock that is used to tie up equipment and/or tools. Once it is cut or disconnected, an instant signal will be sent to the base unit, triggering an alarm. Extremely durable and weather resistant, The Loop is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Made in the USA.

  • Outdoor Motion Detector PRO™

    The outdoor dual-beam PIR passive infrared motion detector is sensitive to moving heat and has a detection area of up to 40 feet. Dual-Beam detection prevents false alarms from animals or other outdoor elements. Designed for outdoor use, the tattletale High Performance Portable Security System Outdoor Motion Detector is tamper proof and weather resistant.

  • Wireless Alarm Signal Booster PRO™

    • Add 3,000 feet of wireless protection
    • Instantly pair with your base unit
    • Buy two to extend your coverage 6,000 feet
    • Get as many as you need to cover an unlimited range
  • Universal Transmitter PRO™

    The universal transmitter delivers long-range wireless power to any open/close, dry contact sensor. It integrates our hi-power transmitter inside a rugged, weatherproof housing. Ensuring a powerful signal to the tattletale alarm system, up to 3,000 feet away depending on structures between the base unit and the transmitter. It’s tamper proof to prevent unauthorized opening. Powerful magnets can be added to allow attachment to any metal surface. The included 3.0V lithium battery will provide power 2-3 years.

  • 180° Outdoor Motion Detector PRO™

    The 180° outdoor motion sensor can be placed up to 2,000 feet from the tattletale base unit. It’s designed to protect the exterior of a building, property or fence. It utilizes both analog and digital technologies to detect approaching intruders before they gain access into protected areas. With its wide and comprehensive field of view and the ability to tailor its settings to meet the environment around your premise, the 180° outdoor motion sensor will provide an effective solution. It can operate normally between -4 degrees and 122 degrees and is weather resistant. The 3V CR123A Lithium battery provided will typically last for 2-3 years depending on usage.

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