tattletale Portable Alarm System

tattletale is always with you and will never let you down.


Everything is Built In

Fastest alarm signal powered by Verizon

Motion detector with 30' range

Unbeatable tamper proof technology

Warning strobe light

Siren & 20 hour battery back-up.


Plug it in, problem solved.

30 second set up

No installation

18 years undefeated

Made & Invented in the USA

Arm/disarm with key fob or mobile app


On Demand Monitoring

24/7 Monitoring with No Contracts

Police, Fire and Medical: $28.95/mo

Text/Email Only: $20.95/mo

Stellar Customer Service

Help is just a phone call away, 24/7

Just call 1-888-TELL-ON-U

One of our agents in Westerville, Ohio will be happy to help.

Upgrade your tattletale security system with up to 95 wireless sensors!

Exclusive Features

A higher level of control that only you can undo.

Keeps your pet from accidentally tripping the alarm.

Make your tattletale invisible.

Get in and out without waking the baby.

tattletale Portable Security System with Remote Key Fob